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Whether you just want to manage your soccer team, or your trying to organize an entire handball club. Co-Working and getting everyone on board, will be the key to success. With the app for coaches, you can use the session planner, player management tools and game day organizer. But on top of that, you can share all the info with your team members. Even better, you can invite assistant coaches and other staff members, and work together with them in the app.

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Step #1

Add members

To get started, you have to invite your assistant coaches and other staff members to the app. To do that, open the menu item "Club House" and click on "Club Members". In the member list you can now click on "New member" to add all club members that you want to join your account.

Add new memberDetailed tutorial

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Step #2

Assign user permissions

To limit what your club members can do inside the coaching app, you can now assign View, Edit and Create permissions to each of them. Simply click on the "Set user permissions" button and select the respective features and permissions. Tip: You can also select multiple users via the check box and then assign the same permissions to all of them.

Set user permissionsDetailed tutorial

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Step #3

Share sessions with staff members

Set the right permissions, so that staff members can also view the upcoming training sessions. To achieve that, make sure to also add permissions for the feature "Training Session".

Set user permissionsDetailed tutorial


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