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Your digital club house

Managing a club and keeping all member up to date has always been a challenge. Not any longer, because we got the right tool for you - Our "Club House" feature will help you to stay on top of your game. With just a few clicks you'll allow your coaches to work with you on the next training plan and keep your members updated.

The Training Ground

Coaches that want to be prepared for their upcoming sessions have to put in a lot of time and effort, right? Our "Training Ground" provides many helpful features that will make your preparation easier & more efficient - In only 100 seconds we'll introduce you to all of them!

Take your team to the next level! Start now with PLANET.TRAINING 

Gameday Manager

Managing your entire season has never been easier than with There are lots of features waiting for you in “The Season”. They will be the perfect guide for you and your coaching team. This quick Intro will give you a first impression of your new favorite coaching tool.


You won’t lose track of any event ever again with your calendar! Coaches meetings, gamedays and entire training periods are documented here and can be shared with all team members - In only 80 seconds we’ll introduce you to all the features of your new digital Calendar.

Manage your season like the Pros!

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