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It's what most of us train so hard for - Game days! During your season you have to make sure that your team is at their peak performance each week, in order to reach their goals. That's why we pay so much attention to our preparation. Part of that is, making sure that everyone is one the same page. Meeting spot, venue, time of kick-off, which tactics are we relying on? All this can be managed in the coaching app. Here's how:

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Step #1

Create a game day

That's where it all starts - Go to the menu item "The season", click on game days, and select "New Game Day". Determine the game type and select your opponent. Add the date of the game, the venue and meeting point, even as a Google Maps address. After all the info is in, hit the "Save" button!

Create new game dayDetailed tutorial

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Step #2

Pick your starting line-up

Find the right starting line-up for each game. Create new formations for a specific game or select an already existing one from your personal database. You can also fine-tune your line-up from previous games, to match the tactical requirements of your next match.

Add starting formationDetailed tutorial

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Step #3

Select game day tactics

Apart from your starting line-up, you can also add tactics to your gameday and then share them with your team or club members. No matter if it's your regular corner kick set-play or a new free kick variation, you will always be ready for your next opponent.

Select game day tacticDetailed tutorial

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Step #4

Manage match statistics

After each game you can manage your stats with only a few clicks. All of your goals, assists, cards and substitutions can be managed in the tab "Game Overview" by clicking on "Manage stats".

Add match statsDetailed tutorial

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Step #5

Player performance assessment

Rate the game performance of each player with the 5-star rating system and add individual comments. Each game status and assessment will influence the player's season stats and will be displayed in the player profile.

Assess performanceDetailed tutorial


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