Installation of Windows app (Desktop)


Setup the desktop app of

Our app does not need a store, instead can be installed on your device directly from our website. If the app is supported on your respective laptop, tablet or smartphone, you will immediately find an installation banner on the start page after you log in to our web app. Alternatively, the app can be setup as a desktop app, via the google chrome shortcut feature. Here's a tutorial.

Open the home screen of -> in google chrome (or any other browser that allows shortcuts)

website image

In your web browser (here google chrome) open the 3-dot menu

website image

In Google Chrome, go to "More tools", and click on "Create shortcut".

website image

Tick the box "Open as window" and click create. The app is now saved on your desktop and ready to go!

website image

Further questions?

In our support center, you can find lots of helpful tutorials and FAQs. If there is a problem you need personal help with, you can always message us at support(at)


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