Add members to teams as players

Team Management

Users who want to turn club members, such as coaches or scouts, into players because they also actively play/practice with a team, can now do this via the "club house". This feature can also be used if you as the admin have accidentally created all players via "Club Members" instead of "Teams & Players". In the tutorial we will show you how to do this.

Tip: If after step 3 of the tutorial you receive an "Internal Server Error 500", you can simply close the pop-up and ignore the error message. Your member has still been added to the team, despite the error message.

  • 1
    Open the menu item „Club House“ and click on "Club Members"
  • 2
    For the respective member click on the "Team membership as a player" button
  • 3
    Select the teams of this player from the list and click "Save".
  • 4
    The member will now be listed as a player for the team, when you click on "Teams & Players".

To add a player without having to add him as a member through the "Club members" feature first, you can also directly create players in "Teams & Players".


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