Create your own database with exercises

Having your best drills, and your go-to warm-up exercises in one place is a big advantage of In our coaching app you can arrange your database based on your preferences. Several filter help you to always quickly find the exact drill that you are looking for. Here is how you get started with the exercise database.

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Step #1

Create exercises

The exercise editor let's you put your practice ideas into drawings or even animations. Once created, you'll always have them available for your training session. Based on your existing drawing you can then also easily create drill variations

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Step #2

Upload existing exercises

If you've already created exercises previously, you can upload them to your personal database with only a few clicks. You can also link youtube videos, if you have some of your drills saved there. This will allow you to easily incorporate into your session plans later.

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Step #3

Find exercises

Among your own exercises you will also find hundreds of premium exercises as well as thousands of ideas from our Coaches community. Once you have found soccer, volleyball, field hockey or volleyball exercises that you like, you can add them to your favorites. This will allow you to use them in your training sessions.

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