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Creating your first training sessions in the coaching app, will unlock a big range of possibilities for you. You will be able to track the participation, performance and health of your players in a much more detailed manner. Here's how you manage your training sessions and phases with

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Step #1

Create your training sessions

As soon as you've created some drills in your personal exercise database you can begin to create your first session plans. Here you can add key info, such as the time and venue of your session. You can also invite players to each session, so they can let you know their practice status.

Create new sessionDetailed tutorial

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Step #2

Download session as a PDF

We all know, that there are moments when a piece of paper is just a bit more convenient than a mobile device. In any case, you can always save your sessions as a PDF with only a few clicks. This way you can also share it with people that are not part of your club.

My training sessionsDetailed tutorial

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Step #3

Assess player performance

At the end of each training session you can assess each player's performance tendency. The status as well as the performance assessment will influence their training stats and ranking in the player radar, which gives you an accurate overview of your team's development trajectory.

My training sessionsDetailed tutorial


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