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Looking for new training content? You want your transition game or goal scoring to be your team's strength and not it's weakness? Then has the perfect soccer drills for you. For any age or skill level - Your next training session is planned with only a few clicks.

Find new inspiration in our public database or go directly to our premium exercises to create the best session plan for your team.

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Once you've discovered interesting football exercises, or soccer drills if you are an American coach, for your team, you can immediately include them in your next training session plan. With our professional software for all football, and soccer, coaches, you will soon be coaching like the pros

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An app for football coaches and clubs that can do it all - offers you numerous features to improve your coaching in the areas of session planning, gameday analysis and preparation, documentation and statistics, player development, team and club management, scouting and team work.. And let’s not forget about our exercise database, where there are thousands of drills and templates that allow you to plan all sorts of training plans. Creative coaches can also create their ideas on tactics and football exercises directly with our drawing and animation tool (editor).

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Every coach knows how important a varied training is. Monotonous soccer practice often leads to the stagnation of player development. The motivation of the players decreases and they will start putting only half the effort into the planned training sessions. No ambitious football coach should be satisfied with an average training session. With all of that is in the past. With our database and the exercise editor, you'll be maximize the potential of your players and training session plan! Now it’s all about coaching up your team, because with every exercise you lay the foundation for a successful gameday on the weekend. And since we know that, especially on an amateur level, training times are limited, our software helps you plan your football training optimally and effectively. So, every minute of training is used purposefully. No matter what problem you and your team face next: looking for a warm-up program? You want to teach your team a new tactic? Your strikers are not scoring anymore? Through our categorization of football exercises and the ability to search in our database, you'll find just the right training content for your football team. Through our systemic training sessions you prepare yourself and your team optimally for the next opponent.