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Creating drills and animating tactics does not always have to be done on a computer or with a stable internet connection. Every coach knows that the best ideas for soccer exercises and set plays come when you least expect them anyway and you usually neither have a pen nor wifi in sight. That's exactly why we brought our soccer drills & tactics creator into the app and play store.

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Our Soccer Drill & Tactic Creator app is available in the iOS App store as well as on the Google Play Store. The app allows you to create all your drills and tactics mobile and without any need for an internet connection. It works as independent subscription that is not connected to the membership of your coaching app. Subscriptions in our mobile app start at only 0,99$/month or 9,99$/year.

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FAQs about the editor app

  • Editor to draw exercises

  • Editor to animate exercises

  • Editor to draw tactics

  • Editor to animate tactics

  • Player management for customized tactics

  • Private offline database for exercises & tactics

  • Create up to 3 exercise drawings (FREE)

  • Create UNLIMITED drills & tactics (PRO)

  • Drills & tactics as drawing or animation (PRO)

  • Manage Teams and Players and add them to your tactics (PRO)

  • PRO only 0,99$ for MONTHLY or 9,99$ for YEARLY subscription* is the future of your soccer training management. Our web app provides you with all the essential features that you and your club need to perform at the highest level. All our tools were developed by sports scientists and coaches and therefore guarantee the most efficient training and season plan. The innovative user interface simplifies the entire administration of football exercises, session plans, game days and the entire club in just a few clicks.

To make sure you can create your own tactics and exercises offline, our editor is now available as a separate mobile app. With the state-of-the-art drawing tool, soccer exercises can be depicted in a simple and comprehensive manner. Even animations are created in no time. Of course, we offer all the tools and elements that a professional soccer coach needs to create drills & tactics. Whether big or small goals, cones or poles - In our editor you will find everything you need for your next exercise. If the exercise drawing is not enough, the text box will serve as the tutorial description and a special category system for accurately determining the content and objectives of your exercise. Thanks to the app, you can now create all exercises & tactics offline. That way you can use your time in transit even more efficient!

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