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Looking for the best handball drills and exercises for your training sessions? You want jump throws, counter attacks, passing and defending to be your team's strength and not it's weakness? Then has the perfect handball drills for you. In our Handball coaching app, we not only have exercises for any age or skill level, but also a session planner that allows you to create your next handball practice with only a few clicks. Find new drills and tactics in our public and premium database or create your own exercises to help your team with the best handball session plan.


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Of course, a training session is only as good as its drills. And now that you have found a wide variety of handball exercises in our coaching app, you can proceed to the next step. Whatever the topic of your next session plan - Improving counter attacks, defending 1 on 1, or attacking with your wingers - Our online handball software allows you to target those areas in your training management. Create entire training periods and ask your assistant coaches for feedback. Share session plans with your players and start coaching your handball team at a professional level, regardless of the league that your club competes in.

What you can do with is the best coaching app on the market and is available for Handball associations, teams and individual coaches - It allows you to manage your team and training sessions - all in one app. It takes only a couple of clicks to set up your team, develop session plans and analyze your player's practice performance. In your account you have all the training data of your players that you need to make sure your team consistently develops and maximizes its potential. Find inspiration in our database or share your own tactics and drills with all selected members of your team by using the best handball drill and tactic creator.


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Variations of drill are a coach's best friend, and there are many reasons for that. The main one is that they save valuable time during practice. Once the main form of a drill is established, players understand the concept and the set up of an exercise. Introducing variations to this basic drill now allows Handball coaches to add new elements step by step. Nothing needs to be set up or introduced again. That's why you should always create your drills with suitable variations in mind. Our Handball coaching app allows you to do exactly that. Once you have created your exercise, you can add all kinds of variations to it. The handball editor lets you visualize those ideas for your upcoming training sessions. That's how you ensure the highest practice and coaching quality for your players, as well as long-lasting development of your team. On top of that you can create exercise collection with your private drills, as well as those from the public or premium database. You could for example create collections for Warm-Up drill, Passing Drills, Throwing exercises and so on. That's how you organize your content and become a more efficient coach. So what's there to think about? Sign up and test our handball coaching app for free!