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Field Hockey Drills

Exercises for your next training session

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Looking for new training content? You want drives, flicks, passing and defending to be your team's strength and not it's weakness? Then has the perfect field hockey drills for you. For any age or skill level - Your next training plan is created in a matter of a few clicks and is securely stored in your new coaching cloud. Find new drills and tactics in our public database or go straight to our premium exercises or your own drills to create the best session plan for your team.


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This is only the beginning. Now that you have found a great variety of drills in our database you can use them straight away to plan your sessions. Improve your team's drag flick or passing game - It all starts with a systematic training management. Our professional software for field hockey teams, trainers and coaches will allow you to coach at a professional level, regardless of the league that your club competes in.

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The first comprehensive app for field hockey clubs, teams and coaches can do it all - allows you to bring your coaching and management to a new level. With only a few clicks you can create session plans, analyze your training performance and communicate with all club members about your most recent scouting reports. If you need some inspiration for your upcoming session you can find numerous exercises and tactics in our drill database. Here you can share your ideas with your team mates, by using our drawing and animation tool (editor).


Take your training sessions to a new level

Good coaches know that it is important to keep drills fun and interesting for your players. Nothing helps the development of your players more than being excited for the next training sessions with their favorite field hockey team, and of course coach. We know that as well, which is why our session manager allows you to plan your next practice sessions in advance. Add drills from your private or the community database to your plan. Need a drill to improve your player's drag flick? No worries, we got you covered. Once the session plan is filled out you can have your players fill out their attendance status, so you know for sure who is coming and who is absent. With planet training, full flexibility does not mean that you have to sacrifice your efficient planning. And we all know that a good practice is the foundation for a huge win on your next gameday. Starting line-ups, tactics, set plays, all those have to be practiced to perfection. Once the session is done you can analyze your players performance with our field hockey statistic center. Player attendance, performance ratings and tendencies are all displayed comprehensively for you on your coaching staff. This is how you can make the right decisions for your field hockey team. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and start coaching like the field hockey pros!