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The field hockey graphics software has been tailor-made to meet the needs of all hockey coaches. Training ideas no longer have to be drawn with paper and pen. Creating new exercises and tactics is easier than ever before thanks to our drawing and animation tool. Through a clear editor menu with numerous player figures and training materials you can now present your ideas like the pros. Through animated set plays and tactics you can show to your players what really matters in the respective game situation. The big advantage of coaching with It is sustainable. All your drawings and animations will be saved in the practice database. So you can always use your created field hockey exercises and tactics from anywhere in the world on any device. Also, forwarding to your assistant coaches in the club is possible.

Field Hockey animation tool

The animation tool was developed to bring your ideas to life. Minute-long exercise explanations on the sports field are in the past. With the editor you can now visualize your field hockey training. After drawing the basic formation, you can animate your field hockey practice in 30 more scenes. By adjusting the speed of individual scenes, you make it clear to your players, in which moment your players need to make a fast move or instead are decreasing the tempo of a drill. At a glance, your players understand what drill and which method you choose to help them improve. With you lay the foundation for an efficient training session.


Field Hockey Drawing Tool

The drawing editor offers you the opportunity to graphically display your field hockey exercises. Whether for your field hockey team on the pitch or in the gym, the editor has the right templates for your purpose. There are 12 different perspectives of the playing fields available. In our toolbox you will find the right elements, players and training equipment to start drawing your field hockey drills. The drawing of patterns and movements allows a detailed representation of the field hockey exercise. Intuitive operation allows you to quickly create a professional field hockey graphic that your players will understand instantly. Thanks to mobile usage is available everywhere. It supports you in every training session.

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Field Hockey Tactics Editor

Our tactics tool let’s you forget about whiteboards during team meetings. Professionalize your game day preparation. Create your set play, line-up or tactic with just a few clicks. Demonstrate the position-specific tasks to your players with detailed drawings. Clarify the assignments from the comfort of you home and present them to your players along with the most popular set pieces of your upcoming opponent. Everything is possible with the graphics program of our tactics tool.


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